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Why Choose Us

Price Point Comfort strives to avoid discomfort in the home or excessive utility bills caused from units not operating properly. Our goal is to prevent you from being taken advantage of when you are in distress due to a system’s breakdown. We look to build relationships and be the company that customers can trust so it all starts with trained techs to diagnose the issues correctly the first time. You can have all your options available then decide. We’ll help you through each step of the process.


Benefits of Using Our Services

Many don’t know but outside of Marion County area there is no licensing to be a HVAC contractor and there is a lack of qualified people in the field. At Price Point Comfort we back up our experience with proof. We have done the training needed to take care of each and any customer in the state of Indiana. 

We are backed up by 5-star reviews from customers that have experienced our level of service.

Problems we've Seen

The most common issues we see today are system misdiagnosing or mis-installation leading to unnecessary problems or shortened life-expectancy of a unit. It’s time to say goodbye to misdiagnosed or mis-installed systems and say hello to longer life expectancy for your HVAC systems.

Our Team Has:

Our Goals

Jobs We've Done


Yes. We offer a full line of indoor air quality products.

Yes. We offer maintenance on all residential and Commercial furnaces and AC units.

Yes. We do residential water heater service and replacement

The system should be cleaned and services once per season each, i.e., one cooling visit and one heating service.

The system should be cleaned and services once per season each, i.e., one cooling visit and one heating service.

Depends on the repairs needed we have fully stocked service vans and our goal is the same trip but sometimes we may have to order a part.

The best way to do this is through proper maintenance and filter changes. Also, if the system is older, it may be time to consider upgrading.

There can be multiple reasons for this but the first thing to check is the filter. Lack of air flow can cause this issue, If that’s good we need to look at it to diagnose the system. Loss of refrigerant is another big reason this can happen.

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